• Can You Please Make Up Your Mind

    Indecisiveness.  It’s frustrating to say the least.  Certainly, each of us has moments in life when we are indecisive, when we aren’t really sure what we want or what we should do.

    • Choosing to Have a Baby Out of Wedlock

      One of the things that set women who knowingly become single parents versus those that become single mothers accidentally (through divorce or unprotected sex) is that the women choosing pregnancy alone are prepared.

    • Soundproofing Your Home

      So whether you want to listen to your TV or music or just your own thoughts, and no one else's, here's a guide to soundproofing your home.

    • Mattress and Bedding Trivia

      Early pioneers in North America slept on jack beds that were made with slats of wood supported by cabin walls on two sides and one wooden leg at the corner where there was no other form of support. The earliest mattresses were, not surprisingly, also sacks of straw.

    • Feeding a Baby Solids

      Once you begin feeding your baby solids you realize just how easy you had it beforehand. Now you can’t eat in front of the baby without them wanting your food.

    • Are You Really as Busy as You Think

      According to time management experts at Forbes Magazine, much of the time vacuum is a result of too much technology available too much of the time.  For instance, popping in and out of Facebook or checking your emails can take up as much as 15 hours per week.

    • Mint

      Medicinally speaking, mint leaves have been used in several ways: as an insect repellent, a cure for hiccups, a mild stimulant, and as a known remedy for stomach ache, indigestion, and heartburn.

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