• Paying Yourself First

    The average family today spends most of their time earning money so they can decide who, how and when to pay all the people they owe, while making sure they have everything they need.

    • Environmentally Friendly Hardwood Flooring

      For hardwood flooring to be genuinely "environmentally friendly" it must be harvested from sustainable forests. There are several organizations that certify wood and provide guidelines for sustainable forestry.

    • Being Honest with Your Employer

      Collectively, there are no clear-cut rules on the matter professionally – however, lying in life is never recommended.  Lying is not necessarily a good thing to do professionally, because if caught – it greatly reduces your credibility.

    • Choosing to Have a Baby Out of Wedlock

      One of the things that set women who knowingly become single parents versus those that become single mothers accidentally (through divorce or unprotected sex) is that the women choosing pregnancy alone are prepared.

    • Dogs and Destructive Chewing

      Destructive behavior is caused by a variety of problems.  If the animal is left alone for long periods of time, is an overly active breed of dog, is not properly exercised, or has no toys of his own.

    • Caring for Leather Furniture

      Unfortunately too many people use soap and water to clean their leather furniture, and this has a detrimental effect, speeding the process that leads to cracking and eventual breaking of the material.

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