• Raising Children

  • Educating Children About Strangers

    Educating your children about strangers should start early in life and should teeter on instilling caution without excess fear! It is also a parents job to try and prepare a child, no matter how young for the worst case scenario and give them ideas that can help them help themselves should the need arise.

    • Being a Baseball Mom

      Being a baseball mom means many things. It means taking your kid to practice even if you don’t really want to go. It entails missing more dinners at home for the boiled hotdogs and popcorn sold at the park and interacting with other parents and children, many of whom you may not like.

    • Should We Even Bother Forcing Our Kids To Make Their Beds

      So do I force my girls to make their beds? No. I also don’t make my own bed. It still seems like a pointless task to me. Of course when company comes over, it’s a different story; I try to make the whole house looks as perfect as it would if my Mom was in charge of it.

    • Getting Children to Clean up Their Room

      Obviously, when children are young cleaning a room can be done to Barney or Mickey Mouse songs and it is a fairly easy feat to accomplish. But no matter how retentive they are when they are young as soon as they become tweenies; few care about their room.

    • Today’s Dad – Breaking the Stereotypes

      Today’s dad is not a beer belly belching, football watching lump of coal who has no idea how to change a diaper.  He is not the man from decades ago, who upon finding out his child had pooped in a diaper while mom was in the shower, would have simply wrapped the diaper in a saran wrap to stop it from leaking.

    • What it Takes to Be a Modern Dad

      Today, with around 61% of all households comprised of TWO working adults, fathers are no longer confined to mowing grass and watching football games on Sundays.

    • Pros and Cons of Having One Child

      The studies, national trends and my own experience suggest that there is nothing wrong with only having only one child.  Other examples and your own heart might suggest otherwise.

    • Giving Children Cellphones

      The conversation is inevitable and like most parts of growing up is occurring even earlier than ever. Children are asking for cell phones anywhere from the 2nd grade on up.

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