• Raising Children

  • Educating Children About Strangers

    Educating your children about strangers should start early in life and should teeter on instilling caution without excess fear! It is also a parents job to try and prepare a child, no matter how young for the worst case scenario and give them ideas that can help them help themselves should the need arise.

    • Is My Child Autistic

      In March of 2012, the Centers for Disease Control estimated that 1 out of every 88 kids will be eventually diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).   Most often, this diagnosis will not come for certain before the age of 3.

    • Being a Baseball Mom

      Being a baseball mom means many things. It means taking your kid to practice even if you don’t really want to go. It entails missing more dinners at home for the boiled hotdogs and popcorn sold at the park and interacting with other parents and children, many of whom you may not like.

    • But Why Mom

      Don’t forget to brush your teeth and comb your hair and when you meet a stranger it’s not polite to stare. When it’s cold outside you need a hat on your head and it is always polite to make your own bed! “But Why mom”

    • The First Year of being a Mom

      There are few things that compare to the first year of being a mom. Although this year is filled with more love and pride than ever before it is also a time that many women begin to question their maternal abilities, reflect on their relationships with their own mother and not just learn but live a life that is completely devoted to supporting someone else’s needs.

    • Like Mother, Like Daughter

      Women, whether related or not – operate very differently on an emotional level than men do.  For this reason, the relationship between a mother and daughter is one that takes years and years to master.

    • Who Makes the Best Parent

      Today, moms and dads are often intertwined in the process of raising their children and it is no longer seen only as something ONLY moms can do.  So who makes the best parent?  Mom or dad?

    • The Commitment of Motherhood

      No one warns you about the commitment of motherhood and that you are bound to feel like you are being held hostage. No one admits that there are some days mothers don’t really love their children or their life the way they should.

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