• Raising Children

  • Babies Change Everything

    Your baby and family dreams will first be disrupted by lack of sleep.  You might look back at your college days staying up all night cramming for tests and realize that was nothing compared to now.

    • At What Age is it Safe to Leave your Kids at Home Alone

      I’m a very paranoid person and tend to imagine all variety of horrific scenarios that could be taking place when I’m not with my children. In my mind, I can vividly see the house being flooded, or burning down, or blowing up, or having a tree fall on it, or being swept away in a tornado.

    • Teaching Children to Respect Other People’s Property

      Kids are oblivious. No sooner do you buy your child a new toy, than you find it discarded in the corner of his or her bedroom. Attention spans are short in our tech-crazy culture, and our children are its most vulnerable victims.

    • Can Children be Taught Patience

      When you consider the consequences of NOT teaching patience to a child, you will realize just how important waiting for that bowl of ice cream can be toward making them happier adults!

    • When your Child is Fat - Who’s to Blame

      Many parents agree that it is hard to deny their child of food.  They feel guilty, or feel like it will hurt their child if they manage their portions and choices.

    • Getting Children to Eat their Meals

      Planning meals with children in the house is not as easy as making a shopping list and compiling coupons. In fact, it can be very difficult to strike the balance between providing meal versatility, nutrition and foods that the kids will actually eat.

    • Are Today Kids Living A Life of Convenience

      Every generation of adults wants their children to have it easier, better – than they had it. That is most often the common vision of parents. To raise children in a better world than the one they were raised in.

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