• Personal Care - Looking After Yourself

  • How Often Should Children Bathe

    Unfortunately, as kids get older – they’re adherence to the rules of hygiene tend to change.  Sure, they may love spending time in the bathtub, sitting in their own pee until the water turns cold, playing with toys and blowing bubbles – but they aren’t really doing much to cleanse themselves.

    • I’m Fat and It’s Time To Do Something About It

      I’m healthy, maybe a little too healthy if you catch my drift. I’m back up to 203 pounds. Enough’s enough and it’s time to trim the fat yet again.

    • Keeping an Eye on Your Weight

      It seems with age, that most people expect a certain amount of weight gain.  There are tons of clichés about fitting into your high school jeans, and whether man or woman – not having the body that you had when you graduated high school. You grow up.

    • Things to Consider When Choosing a Dentist

      According to research from Psychology Today, almost 70% of adults have a fear of going to the dentist.  Maybe it is the drills and needles, or holding your mouth open for what seems like an ungodly amount of time that sparks the fear.

    • Sun Safety Tips

      The whole purpose of sun safety tips is to reduce your risks of getting skin cancer.  While one or two bad sunburns may not seem like a lot, experts agree that it is enough to raise your chances of skin cancer.

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