• Personal Care

  • Keeping an Eye on Your Weight

    It seems with age, that most people expect a certain amount of weight gain.  There are tons of clichés about fitting into your high school jeans, and whether man or woman – not having the body that you had when you graduated high school. You grow up.

    • Stress

      It’s amazing that more than half of society is accepting the fact that their lives are too stressful.  It’s ridiculous that good people, just like you, are allowing their lives to be taken over by aspects that offer them so much stress and ill feelings.

    • Taking Care of Your Skin

      As you get older, the days of going to bed with full makeup are left behind.  With each wrinkle and blemish that occurs, you realize that your skin is something much more important than the clothes you wear.

    • Why You Should See a Doctor Regularly

      There are plenty of other reasons why you should see a doctor regularly as well. Basic care including a taking off the vitals can often reveal conditions that may need further testing or exploration. Many people may not realize that there blood pressure has started to rise steadily or that they have proteins or sugar in their urine without visiting a doctor.

    • Cancer Sucks

      Unfortunately, there is no proven, 100% effective way to avoid cancer. Whereas in other diseases taking care of yourself, going to the doctor for preventative maintenance and life choices can go miles in prevention, that is not the case with cancer.

    • Covering Up Your Grey Hair

      It happens.  One morning you wake up feeling like the world is your oyster, and while you are getting ready in the mirror, you see it.  That wildly untamable, wiry grey hair that has seemed to pop up almost over night.

    • The Secret to Never Growing Old

      While plastic surgery, botox or some cream may seem to work for a while, the end result is that all of us will grow old.  It is an unstoppable force in a world where humans have clung to having control.

    • How Often Should a Woman Get a Hair Cut

      For many women, the thought of getting a hair cut is a painstaking process.  First, you have to find that one trusted hair dresser who will actually listen to what you have to say when it comes to your desired look.  And then, you have to turn over all control and allow her to take scissors (or clippers) to your locks.

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