• Personal Care

  • How Often Should Children Bathe

    Unfortunately, as kids get older – they’re adherence to the rules of hygiene tend to change.  Sure, they may love spending time in the bathtub, sitting in their own pee until the water turns cold, playing with toys and blowing bubbles – but they aren’t really doing much to cleanse themselves.

    • Things to Consider When Choosing a Dentist

      According to research from Psychology Today, almost 70% of adults have a fear of going to the dentist.  Maybe it is the drills and needles, or holding your mouth open for what seems like an ungodly amount of time that sparks the fear.

    • Sun Safety Tips

      The whole purpose of sun safety tips is to reduce your risks of getting skin cancer.  While one or two bad sunburns may not seem like a lot, experts agree that it is enough to raise your chances of skin cancer.

    • Stress

      It’s amazing that more than half of society is accepting the fact that their lives are too stressful.  It’s ridiculous that good people, just like you, are allowing their lives to be taken over by aspects that offer them so much stress and ill feelings.

    • Taking Care of Your Skin

      As you get older, the days of going to bed with full makeup are left behind.  With each wrinkle and blemish that occurs, you realize that your skin is something much more important than the clothes you wear.

    • Why You Should See a Doctor Regularly

      There are plenty of other reasons why you should see a doctor regularly as well. Basic care including a taking off the vitals can often reveal conditions that may need further testing or exploration. Many people may not realize that there blood pressure has started to rise steadily or that they have proteins or sugar in their urine without visiting a doctor.

    • Cancer Sucks

      Unfortunately, there is no proven, 100% effective way to avoid cancer. Whereas in other diseases taking care of yourself, going to the doctor for preventative maintenance and life choices can go miles in prevention, that is not the case with cancer.

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