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  • Professors House? Does a professor live here, you ask?

    Well, no – not really - at least not in the Ivy League, rigid academia, glasses on the tip of the nose, bookworm sense of the word. But who needs books (or a degree for that matter) when you have kids. And a home. And puking pets. And grocery shopping. And a spouse. (Or a girlfriend) And in-laws, a pending divorce, a medical problem, bills to pay, walls to paint or any other curveball that life is certain to throw your way?

    Professors House was founded under the idea that we are all more the same than different. If we had questions about a nose-picking, tantrum throwing toddler, what to serve for dinner, the perfect color to paint the living room, or how to potty train a dog (and everything in between) – we figured YOU did too. And since life is about growth and constant change, Professors House is dedicated to offering readers a one-stop reading experience where they can find tips, how-to’s, facts, inspiration, thoughts and yes, even humor – about life.

    In short, we believe that all of us are studying hard to be a Professor in the most important course of all. Which quite frankly is Life. Well lived at that!

    The immense database of material you will find at Professors House is not just fact based and informational, but relevant and sometimes controversial as well. Just like life. Under the Professors House belief that we are all teachers and can learn from one another, we offer a free, and active forum where members can share tips and advice (Or just plain vent) about the things that are on their minds.

    Covering homes, relationships, children, pets, dog information, cooking and more, Professors House is an invaluable REAL LIFE source of information for people from all walks of life.

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