• Dog Training

  • How to Keep the Dog off the Furniture

    When trying to figure out how to keep the dog off the furniture you have to consider your own behavior, what is fair to the dog, and any other dogs in the house.

    • Reasons not to use a Retractable Leash

      One of my greatest pet peeves in the industry is the evil “retractable leash.” Even before I became a professional trainer, as a jogger, this retractable apparatus was the bane of my existence; the constant entanglement of my feet in the cords of dogs running wild.

    • Don't Blame the Dog

      The next time you think your pet has sought revenge on you, try and look at it from their point of view. It will liberate you and your animal companion.

    • Trick or Treat - Using Treats to Train a Dog

      When he obeys, give him the treat, praise him, and use your other hand to pet him under the ears. Continue to do this and the dog will start to feel that a soft tug on the collar means, he’s supposed to hold still.

    • The Myth of Alpha - Part 2

      Remember what Stanley Coren said about forcing a dog over on her back every day? (See The Myth of Alpha (Part 1). He said that this position "signifies submission to the authority of a dominant member of the pack." But dogs don't think symbolically.

    • The Myth of Alpha - Part 1

      If the alpha dog theory were true, I would be creating problems by allowing my dog Freddie—an un-neutered male Dalmatian—to think he was the pack leader, right?

    • How to Cure a Dog from Jumping Up

      There are two simple rules about jumping up: the dog should never be rewarded for jumping up without being asked to do so first, and 2.) the dog should never be punished for the behavior, at least not overtly.

    • How Dogs Learn

      Positive reinforcement means using rewards for behaviors you want your dog to do and repeat. When your dog performs the sit behavior for example, reward him.

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    Colleen Pelar
    Colleen Pelar

    Colleen Pelar, CPDT, is the author of Living with Kids and Dogs.

    Article: A New Dog with Old Kids

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