• Dog Training

  • How to Stop a Dog from Begging

    Before you begin to retrain your dog in order to eliminate this behavior, it is very important to first realize where it came from in the first place. The fact is that if your dog has never been given food from the table, it is unlikely that he would waste his time begging. If the behavior had never been rewarded it probably would not continue.

    • Importance of Dog Training

      Needless to say the importance of dog training is vital to ensure that you and your pet are happy, untrained dogs will not behave and are accidents waiting to happen.

    • Is Your Dog Dominant, or Just Feeling Anxious?

      You hear a lot of talk among dog owners, dog trainers, and even the man on the street, about dominance in dogs.  What is it, exactly?  Is it an instinctive behavioral tendency, an inherited genetic trait, part of a natural power struggle to become top dog?

    • Potty Training a Dog

      Set yourself up in a potty training a dog routine. When everyone wakes up in the morning, take the dog out, reward him. If he eats his meal in the morning, wait five minutes, and take the dog out, reward him.

    • Teaching a Dog how to Sit

      Starting with the basic “sit” command, Jeremy is typically fairly consistent. He knows what it means and how to do it and 99% of the time he chooses to listen on the first command.

    • Methodology Of Dog Training

      There are three basic categories of training. We tend to either focus on behavior training, obedience training, or activities training. Each type of training produces different results, and while no one type is more important than the rest, they don’t have to be mutually exclusive either.

    • How to Stop Your Dog from Licking People

      Dogs who lick people constantly is a hard habit to break, and involves time and patience.   Owners will need to modify this behavior through training.

    • Reasons not to use a Retractable Leash

      One of my greatest pet peeves in the industry is the evil “retractable leash.” Even before I became a professional trainer, as a jogger, this retractable apparatus was the bane of my existence; the constant entanglement of my feet in the cords of dogs running wild.

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    Colleen Pelar
    Colleen Pelar

    Colleen Pelar, CPDT, is the author of Living with Kids and Dogs.

    Article: A New Dog with Old Kids

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